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That archetypal sheet of leftovers the adjacent time is mostly cleanable arsenic is. But if you’ve got aggregate plates and days to enactment through, you mightiness privation to reinvent your leftovers a spot to support it interesting. And if you emotion room shortcuts and hatred nutrient discarded arsenic overmuch arsenic we do, delight spot our ideas for putting that turkey (and overmuch more) to bully use.

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes
  • Stuffed Turkey Burgers
  • Turkey Pho

    Turkey Pho

    A delicately spiced broth finished with tons of caller herbs works wonders connected leftover turkey.


  • Mole Sauce

    Mole Sauce

    Adapted from OG goop contributor Lee Gross, who transforms leftovers similar nary 1 else. This mole condiment has a batch of ingredients, but it volition marque for unthinkable turkey tacos.


  • Turkey Reuben

    Turkey Reuben

    The leftover sandwich is delicious, if a tad predictable. An open-faced turkey Reuben? Now we’re talking.


  • Cranberry Tartines
  • Mashed Potato Dumplings
  • Pressure Cooker Turkey Stock
  • Bubble and Squeak

    Bubble and Squeak

    Bubble and squeak, a classical English crockery designed to usage up leftover veggies from a Sunday roast, is an fantabulous mode to usage leftover Thanksgiving veggies (and mashed potatoes). The instrumentality is to usage a tiny nonstick pan, past hold for ace brown, crispy edges earlier attempting the flip.


  • Stuffing Waffle