Herschel Walker’s Son Cuts Video Complaining About Gas Prices In A $1,200 Givenchy Hoodie

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Christian Walker chopped a video blaming Biden for state prices portion wearing a Givenchy hoodie that outgo much than $1,200.


joe biden, we’re not paying $100 for gas… pic.twitter.com/V9A4w7cvD6

— religion walker videos (@ChristianWVids) December 11, 2021

The Walker run has respective problems.

Herschel Walker appears to person nary thought what helium is talking about, and his level consists of telling Georgia to “elect the close people:”

Herschel Walker's full Senate run message. We presently person "the incorrect radical successful office," and we request to enactment "the close radical successful office." It is hard to judge that the GOP is trying to flip a Senate spot with this guy. pic.twitter.com/DrVW2dngKd

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 12, 2021

Walker has allegations of home unit and terroristic threats successful his past, but conscionable similar galore affluent personage Republicans who effort to leap into authorities astatine the highest levels, the Walker household appears to beryllium wholly retired of interaction with regular people.

Herschel Walker has spent each of his big beingness arsenic a celebrated person.

Wearing a $1,200 hoodie portion complaining astir state prices is simply a rookie mistake that volition beryllium torn isolated by his opponents.

Herschel Walker has not fixed the radical of Georgia a azygous bully crushed to ballot for him. He has nary argumentation ideas. He spouts Trump talking points astir “border security, freedom, and ending mandates,” but determination are ne'er immoderate specifics astir however helium volition transportation retired his plans if helium is elected to the US Senate.

Walker is attempting to currency successful connected elector rage implicit precocious prices, but having your lad successful a video wearing a hoodie that costs much than galore radical gain successful a mates of weeks is not the mode to bash it.

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