Holiday Shopping List: What’s New in goop Home This November

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From the chicest turquoise-eye-dotted backgammon acceptable to the candles we’re (all) buying for ourselves, these are goop editors’ favorites this month, picked from just-launched items successful the goop location shop—not to notation our much-obsessed-over gift guides. Each 1 of these items makes an unthinkable contiguous and, critically, is not lone inactive successful banal but easy deliverable successful clip for the holidays.

Most Delightfully Indulgent

A 100 percent silk pillowcase successful this life-is-fabulous people could marque conscionable astir anyone happier. They’ll deliberation of you arsenic they drift disconnected to sleep, erstwhile they aftermath up, and erstwhile they’re loving their smooth, unlined tegument and shiny, unruffled-by-sleep blowout (silk helps with the tegument and the hair). But astir of all, they’ll grin each clip they deliberation of their bed. The glamorousness of British marque Coco & Wolf cannot beryllium overstated, nor tin the delightful silky-satin softness of this fabric; you must, of course, get an other 1 for yourself.

  1. Coco & Wolf Osterly Silk Pillowcase

    Coco & Wolf Osterly Silk Pillowcase goop, $97


The Chicness!

  1. This wide Lucite backgammon acceptable looks truthful bully connected a java array erstwhile it’s not successful usage and feels truthful Thomas Crown Affair–sleek erstwhile it is. It’s modern and, coolest of all, finished with tiny turquoise evil eyes trailing down the center, which are meant to support against atrocious spirits—and, successful the lawsuit of a competitory game, atrocious luck.

    CasaCarta The Eye Backgammon Set

    CasaCarta The Eye Backgammon Set goop, $330


  2. Inspired by vintage array lighters of decades past, this pearly acrylic portion from Edie Parker is astir the coolest happening we tin deliberation of to acceptable connected a coffee, dining, oregon bedside table. Nestled wrong a matching ashtray, it’s the cleanable gesture, wherever you similar to airy up.

    Edie Parker Tabletop Lighter

    Edie Parker Tabletop Lighter goop, $450


  1. Amalfi Coast Love Letters

    Amalfi coast

    This peony-colored wineglass shouts “party” from the rooftops. We emotion the frosty pink, not to notation the classical Venetian inverted triangle signifier (which is incredibly sturdy). Each glass, designed particularly for the impossibly glamorous Le Sirenuse edifice successful Positano, is hand-blown by maestro artisans connected the land of Murano (which has had a estimation for good glassblowing since the thirteenth century).

    Le Sirenuse Aria Stem Water Glass

    Le Sirenuse Aria Stem Water Glass goop, $180


  1. The archetypal china collab from the iconic edifice Le Sirenuse and creator Luke Edward Hall (if you’re not already acquainted with this eclectic young designer, bask the Google search) sold retired instantly. This 2nd variation features 2 caller drawings of Positano by Hall, including the 1 connected this bone-china mug. It transports america consecutive to the sun-dappled Mediterranean each clip we use it.

    Le Sirenuse Luke Edward Hall Positano Mug

    Le Sirenuse Luke Edward Hall Positano Mug goop, $70


  2. This gold-trimmed bone-china sheet dishes up (sorry, we had to) a drafting of the colony of Positano by whimsical London-based interior decorator and creator Luke Edward Hall. Part of a collaboration betwixt Hall and the legendary Amalfi Coast edifice Le Sireuse, it’s an casual (and chic) mode to bring a portion of the sun-drenched Mediterranean to your table. Bonus points if it’s utilized to service risotto al limone.

    Le Sirenuse Luke Edward Hall Positano Plate

    Le Sirenuse Luke Edward Hall Positano Plate goop, $115


Get the Whole Set

It’s gorgeous, it’s nontoxic, and your (or your fortunate giftee’s) full room is astir to look similar a cardinal bucks. Every portion is made with GreenPan’s clean, nonstick, dishwasher-safe Thermolon Minerals Pro exertion and done successful creamy ecru with golden finishings.

  1. goop location  10-piece set

    goop Home 10-PIECE COOKWARE SET goop, $300


We All Want This

The sleekest mode to support your accessories organized and your instrumentality charged up? This cable-free, clutter-defying wireless charging pad finished successful premium Belgian linen. With a spot for your telephone connected 1 broadside and each those hard-to-corral mundane essentials (keys, articulator balm, sunglasses, what person you) connected the other, it slots successful tastefully connected bedside tables, extremity tables, wherever. Check retired Courant’s afloat compatibility database to spot if it volition enactment with your device.

  1. Courant The Catch 3 Wireless Charging Tray

    Courant The Catch 3 Wireless Charging Tray goop, $100


Recycled and Super Luxe

The king of conscious comfort, Blacksaw uses deadstock discarded to make immoderate of the coziest alpaca-blend throws successful existence. Softer than cashmere, warmer than wool—the Siempre broad is 1 specified plush piece. It’s made from 100 percent recycled materials that propulsion their value successful the large outdoors, but we each cognize it’s bound to timepiece immoderate prime clip Netflixing connected the couch. As for the minimal stripe detailing? So good.

  1. Blacksaw The Siempre Recycled Blanket

    Blacksaw The Siempre Recycled Blanket goop, $298


Instant Atmosphere

  1. The brass is modern and sleek, and the lamp itself is cordless, dimmable, and weatherproof, truthful you tin bring the vibes whether the mounting is simply a picnic blanket, an outdoor table—anywhere. Which is what gives this ingenious acquisition its consciousness of adventure.

    Tala The Muse Portable Light

    Tala The Muse Portable Light goop, $325


  2. It is the future, and we tin present person idiosyncratic fireplaces. This portable, petite, concrete-encased occurrence runs connected rubbing alcohol—no fumes, adjacent inside—and brings coziness wherever it goes. (Yes, it tin beryllium utilized for toasting marshmallows.)

    Flikr Fire Personal Concrete Fireplace

    Flikr Fire Personal Concrete Fireplace goop, $95


We’re Obsessed with Flamingo Estate—and Most Obsessed With Its Enchanting Candles

Do we privation to beryllium retired successful the gardens, harvesting integrated vegetables and sipping champagne? We bash precise overmuch privation to live astatine LA’s Flamingo Estate, wherever the vintage cars are filled with roses and the meal parties are the worldly of legend. To instrumentality america backmost there, if lone for a moment, these long-burning, 100 percent vegetable-wax candles odor perfectly fantastic, and the deep-green solid containers look gorgeous wherever you enactment them. Forced to prime betwixt Climbing Tuscan Rosemary, Roma Heirloom Tomato, and Adriatic Muscatel Sage, we take each three.

  1. Flamingo Estate Three Sisters Candle Set

    Flamingo Estate Three Sisters Candle Set goop, $115


The Minimalist Showstopper (That’s Also Kind of Cute)

With a tall, dynamic signifier that blends integrated curves with crisp edges, Stevie is simply a survey successful contrast. It’s handmade and polished to perfection. And successful that textured pick hue, it’s the cleanable minimalist accent piece, someway understated and showstopping astatine once—with oregon without the flowers.

  1. Marloe Stevie Vase

    Marloe Marloe Stevie Vase goop, $340


Sourdough Experts, Prepare to Be Blown Away

  1. Designed implicit the people of 2 research-filled years, this made-in-France ceramic cloche mimics the signifier of a domed oven to guarantee your cook gets the cleanable magnitude of humidity. The result? Moist, melts-in-your-mouth breadstuff with an achingly flawless crust. And erstwhile your loaves are sorted for the week, this versatile portion doubles arsenic a roasting dish.

    Emile Henry Bread Cloche

    Emile Henry Bread Cloche goop, $140


  2. Made with olives pressed lone hours aft harvest, this lipid is cleanable for dipping said sourdough in; it’s besides unthinkable for drizzling and sautéing. With notes of almond, marjoram, and hay, it’s got a affluent and spicy decorativeness that rounds retired the agleam flavor. The blend combines Nocellara del Belice olives, an past Sicilian assortment (dating backmost to 3000 BCE), with Cerasuola olives, a emblematic assortment of the portion that has a vibrant, leafy taste.

    Baroncini Import & Co. Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Baroncini Import & Co. Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil goop, $60


  3. This is some a everlastingly portion and a highly versatile room staple made of recycled formed iron, porcelain enamel, and a (removable) stainless alloy knob. In heavy polished emerald, it’s some dishwasher-safe, people nonstick, and sleek capable to spell consecutive from oven (or stove top) to table. It’s large for bread, but besides cleanable for roasting, stewing, risotto-making…

    Kana Milo 5.5 QT Dutch Oven

    Kana Milo 5.5 QT Dutch Oven goop, $135


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