Jen Psaki Just Shredded Mitch McConnell’s Voting Rights Hypocrisy

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded to Mitch McConnell calling the propulsion for voting rights hysteria by utilizing his ain words against him.

Video of Psaki:

Psaki said successful effect to McConnell, “It is beauteous ironic if making it much hard to ballot is not silencing the voices of people, words that Sen. McConnell used, past I don’t cognize what is. I besides deliberation it is important to enactment present if you look backmost astatine Sen. McConnell’s record, helium has a beauteous beardown grounds of supporting voting rights.”

Psaki utilized McConnell’s quotes supporting voting rights against him, including speechmaking from his memoir.

The Press Secretary concluded, “I usage those examples to punctual radical that this should not beryllium a partisan contented protecting people’s cardinal voting rights, that radical should beryllium protecting them and lasting up for Americans of each governmental stripes. That is what we are moving to do.”

Mitch McConnell was wrong. The propulsion for voting rights is not hysteria. It is simply a effect to the aged achromatic male-dominated Republican Party trying to enactment successful powerfulness by fundamentally rigging the electorate by making it much hard for anyone who is not 1 of them to vote.

Jen Psaki is an effectual White House Press Secretary due to the fact that she isn’t acrophobic to beryllium nonstop with facts oregon to flip the publication connected Republicans.

Psaki called retired McConnell’s hypocrisy, and it would beryllium bully for reporters to grill McConnell connected wherefore his presumption has changed drastically.

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