Kentucky Didn’t Vote For Joe Biden, But He Is 100% There For Them After Deadly Tornados

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President Biden made it wide that helium is disquieted astir the radical of Kentucky who were deed with devastating and deadly tornados, and helium is determination for them.


Biden expresses existent compassion and interest for the Kentucky tornado victims, and pledges, "So we conscionable privation them to cognize we're going to enactment arsenic agelong arsenic it takes to assistance them."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 13, 2021

President Biden said:

Well, look astatine each this. This is conscionable — the metropolis of Mayfield. Residential, commercial, exempt government and historical agriculture, et cetera. Just — I mean, they’re gone. Some are already down there. It’s devastating, and I worry, quite frankly, astir — however tin I accidental it? The intelligence wellness of these people. You travel home, and you spot that, if you made it, and if you lost someone successful the meantime, you know, convey God it doesn’t look like the numbers arsenic rather as high arsenic we anticipated, but they’re high. You travel location and you’ve lost your husband, wife, mother, father, children, something along the line, and what bash you do?

 Where bash you go? It’s not similar if you’re making $16,000 a year, you get successful a plane and caput to your relative in Washington. I’m being literal. That’s what worries me most. The uncertainty and it truly is thing that I’ve observed in each large catastrophe I watched and been connected the ground to see. It conscionable is — you tin spot it in people’s faces. So we conscionable privation them to know we’re going to enactment arsenic agelong as it takes to assistance them.

Biden Doesn’t Base Disaster Aid On If A State Voted For Him

Unlike Trump, who enactment connected a large amusement anytime a reddish authorities was impacted by a catastrophe but treated places like Puerto Rico with implicit contempt, Biden is showing up and supporting radical successful request whether their authorities voted for him oregon not.

President Biden means it erstwhile helium says that helium is simply a president for each American whether they voted for him oregon not.

Biden is restoring the oath of the president to support each American, and whether a idiosyncratic is successful a reddish authorities oregon a bluish state, Joe Biden and his medication volition beryllium determination to help.

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