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Examples Of Best Press Release Service

The press release is a useful tool for communicating with the media. It can be used to announce new products or services, share newsworthy events and more. However, you should only use a reputable service provider when writing your press release because not all of them are created equally. We've gathered some of the best online sources for creating press releases that will appeal to journalists, bloggers and other memberships who may read them:

1. 24-7 Press Release

If you want to write your own press release, then 24-7 press release is the service for you. It's a platform that allows users to submit their own content and track how many times it is viewed by media outlets from across the globe. Users can also add social media buttons, images and links so that readers can easily share their articles online.

The cost of this service is $99 per year—which may seem high for such an easy way of creating content but it does come with some extras like analytics tracking which helps determine whether or not people are viewing your work (which would be useful if you're trying to promote something).

2. PR Business

PR Business is a press release service that has been in business since 2006. They are one of the best press release services because they have a lot of experience writing them and they have excellent customer service.

PR Business offers both free and paid versions of their services, but I recommend using their paid version as it has more features than the free one. The cost for this service is $99 per month or $990 per year (with no contract). This will allow you to write unlimited press releases without having to pay extra fees every month or year!

If you're looking for an affordable option when it comes down from writing your own content, then pr business may just be what you need!

3. Newswire Jet

Newswire Jet is a press release distribution service that provides you with the opportunity to get your press releases distributed across more than 3,000 media outlets. This means that if you have a great story and want it to be seen by as many people as possible, Newswire Jet can help.

Newswire Jet has some of the highest rates in the industry at $50 per release (or $75 for up to 5). They also offer free trials so that you can test out their services before committing money to them. There’s no better way than this one!

4. PR Underground

PR Underground is a press release distribution service. It’s one of the best services in this industry and has been around for more than 10 years, which means it has a good reputation to protect.

The company offers a wide range of features that make it easy for users to use their platform:

  • A free account with an unlimited number of releases per month

  • Easy sharing via social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) and email marketing campaigns

  • No minimum order size or restrictions on how many releases you can submit each month

5. Issue press release

Issue press release is a service that allows you to write your own press release and submit it to major news sites. It’s an excellent option for people who want to write their own press releases, but don't have the time or resources.

Here are some reasons why this service is so popular:

  • You can create any topic of interest or controversy from scratch with no limit on length or number of words.

  • You only pay when someone clicks on your link (or "issue" as it's called). This means there's no risk in trying out this type of advertising platform because if no one clicks through then there will be no charge at all!

6. Business Wire

Business Wire is a news distribution service that's used by many large companies. It’s the world's largest news distribution service, with over 5 million media professionals using it every month to distribute their stories on behalf of their clients.

Business Wire provides an effective way for you to reach your target audience and inform them about your latest developments or campaigns in a professional manner. If you are looking for an expert press release service provider who can help you create eye-catching content, then Business Wire should be at the top of your list because they have been providing excellent services since 1999!

people often use services to write their press release, but the best services would be 24-7 press release, PR business, Newswire Jet, PR Underground, Issue press release and Business Wire

  • 24-7 Press Release

  • PR Business

  • Newswire Jet

  • PR Underground

  • Issue Press Release (this is not a service) * Business Wire


We hope this article has helped you to choose the best press release service for your needs. If you have any questions about writing a press release, please feel free to contact us!

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