Ted Cruz Accuses Joe Biden Of Endangering Amy Klobuchar’s Life

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Days later, Ted Cruz is inactive fuming implicit Jake Tapper calling him retired for going maskless astatine Bob Dole’s funeral, truthful the Texas Senator accused Joe Biden of endangering Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s life.

Cruz tweeted:

Hey ⁦@jaketapper⁩ — are you going to inquire ⁦@JoeBiden⁩ wherefore helium was, arsenic you enactment it, “recklessly endangering” Amy’s life?

And volition you beryllium wearing a disguise erstwhile you inquire it? pic.twitter.com/UUddW9JPVR

— Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) December 15, 2021

Cruz was inactive fuming astir this enactment of questioning from Jake Tapper connected CNN’s State Of The Union:

TAPPER: There’s thing that happened Friday that I wanted to inquire you about, if we tin bring up the picture.

You were astatine the ceremonial for erstwhile Senator Bob Dole. And you were seated — there’s — determination you are. You were seated adjacent to Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who, arsenic everybody tin see, is not masked, contempt rules astatine the National Cathedral requiring each guests to deterioration masks indoors.

Now, you’re a bosom crab survivor. You’re inactive recovering, I guess.

KLOBUCHAR: No, I’m 100 percent bully now.

TAPPER: You’re 100 percent better, but you’re inactive astatine hazard of corruption due to the fact that of — due to the fact that of this combat that you won.

What was going done your caput there, wherever Ted Cruz pulls up adjacent twelvemonth and doesn’t person a disguise on, adjacent though the rules are, delight deterioration a disguise to support you — you deterioration the masks to support different people.

KLOBUCHAR: I deliberation radical should deterioration masks, particularly erstwhile they’re successful settings erstwhile they’re expected to.

I deliberation portion of our work arsenic civic leaders is really to exemplary behavior, due to the fact that it’s not conscionable astir masks. It’s besides astir vaccines. And Ted Cruz, he’s gotten a vaccine. He gets that.

Sen. Cruz has consistently ranted against disguise mandates. Cruz adjacent introduced a measure successful the Senate to prohibition disguise and vaccine mandates.

Instead of being liable for his selfish behavior, Ted Cruz attempted to walk the subordinate and blasted President Biden.

Biden has been a liable relation exemplary for bully pandemic mitigating behavior. It is laughable that Cruz would effort to blasted Biden for his ain atrocious decisions, but it is wide that Republicans are rapidly entering the governmental realm wherever they blasted President Biden for thing and everything.

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