The Best Dairy-Free Ice Creams

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We’ve been connected a longtime circuit of alternate nutrient aisles for a assortment of dietary needs and spirit preferences. With gluten-free pasta, vegan cheese, alt meats, and chips nether our belt, it was clip to deed the freezer for crystal creams. We tried dozens of dairy-free crystal creams and narrowed it down to our 12 favorites. These volition beryllium invited additions to your dessert rotation—for shakes, ice pick sandwiches, and sundae bars and, possibly astir importantly, to service atop a portion of lukewarm apple pie.

It’s worthy noting that we didn’t specifically question retired keto, paleo, oregon sugar-free crystal cream. The chemistry of dairy-free crystal pick (or “frozen dessert” arsenic the FDA requires it to beryllium labeled) is challenging. Removing dairy affects flavor, texture, mouthfeel, and however good the dessert freezes. Our absorption was solely connected replacing dairy and ovum yolks, which are communal successful custard-based crystal creams. Many of the picks present see regular sugar, either unsocial oregon successful operation with immoderate alternatives. They besides mightiness see a fewer additives. Normally we’re successful the campy of “the less ingredients, the better.” But successful this case, vegetable-based gums and syrups from ingredients similar tapioca and brownish atom enactment arsenic emulsifiers oregon stabilizers, giving much-needed thickness and viscosity to dairy-free bases that would different consciousness bladed and icy connected your palate. Given that crystal pick is simply a dainty and making it without dairy is simply a feat, we’re chill with the trade-off.


Oat beverage has won implicit galore nondairy enthusiasts. It’s richer than almond milk, with a much neutral spirit than coconut milk. Which makes it versatile for mundane usage and an particularly large contender for ice cream.

  1. Oatly Vanilla

    Oatly Vanilla

    Creamy and highly light. Almost airy, with a good, beardown vanilla flavor. It has a cleanable decorativeness and won’t linger connected your palate. Even if you’re not a vanilla crystal pick person, you’ll beryllium gladsome to person thing much neutral for lukewarm pies, crumbles, crisps, and galettes.

  2. Van Leeuwen Vegan Oat Milk Brown Sugar Chunk

    Van Leeuwen Vegan
    Oat Milk Brown
    Sugar Chunk

    Smooth, creamy, brown-sugary crystal pick studded with cookie, oat, and brownie clusters. Like galore of these crystal creams, it has a fewer ingredients making up its base, but oats were listed first, and it tastes much neutral than coconutty.

  3. Planet Oat Coffee Fudge Swirl

    Planet Oat Coffee
    Fudge Swirl

    This had the champion texture of the oat beverage options we tried—it’s close successful betwixt dense and light. It’s besides priced much accessibly than galore of the crystal creams we tried. It did skew a small sweeter than we liked, but it is crystal pick aft all.


We cognize however weird this sounds, but successful the lack of abdominous from dairy, crystal creams request immoderate root of abdominous for creaminess. The brands beneath cleverly usage fats that are successful regular rotation successful our room (olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil) to adhd creamy richness to plant-based crystal creams.

  1. Wildgood Pistachio

    Wildgood Pistachio

    We’d heard of finishing crystal pick with fancy olive oil, but making crystal pick retired of olive lipid is different story. The texture of Wildgood’s crystal pick is lovely, and the flavors are vibrant. Pistachio was our favorite, but cocoa hazelnut and mango were adjacent behind.

  2. Cado Simply Lemon

    Cado Simply Lemon

    Cado’s avocado crystal pick is pleasantly airy and precise citrusy, with nary hint of avocado flavor. The texture seemed a spot icier than immoderate of the others we sampled, but it was inactive thoroughly enjoyable.

  3. Ripple Cookies and Cream

    Ripple Cookies
    and Cream

    We’re fans of Ripple’s pea beverage and were intrigued to spot however it could construe into crystal cream. Turns retired the marque did a coagulated job, leaning connected coconut lipid arsenic the main constituent to execute that creamy texture. (It includes immoderate pea macromolecule arsenic well.) Overall, the operation of silky-smooth crystal pick and cooky chunks was an casual win.


Coconut beverage has much abdominous than full milk, truthful it’s nary astonishment that it makes fantabulous crystal cream. But portion coconut-flavored desserts are often delicious, that salient spirit doesn’t ever play good with others. Generally, we instrumentality to flavors that complement coconut, and these 3 brands created well-rounded combinations.

  1. coconut Bliss Dark Chocolate

    coconut Bliss
    Dark Chocolate

    Coconut Bliss has been astir for rather a while, but you mightiness not admit it aft a caller rebrand. The crystal pick inactive tastes great. It’s dense and creamy, and the bitterness of the acheronian cocoa balances the earthy sweetness of the coconut nicely. It does sensation coconutty, truthful deliberation astir what flavors you similar with coconut erstwhile selecting a pint.

  2. Sunscoop Vanilla Bean Cream

    Sunscoop Vanilla
    Bean Cream

    You cognize that happening erstwhile crystal pick is astir chewy, but successful a bully way? Almost similar fudge. It’s uncommon successful a dairy-free crystal cream, but Sunscoop has it. It’s apt due to the fact that it’s been churned alternatively of whipped, preventing it from becoming overly airy. It’s got the slightest coconut flavor, and it’s not excessively sweet.

  3. Nada Moo Mint Chip

    Nada Moo Mint Chip

    This 1 is importantly lighter with an astir fluffy texture. It’s the slightest coconutty coconut beverage crystal cream, making it casual to brace with tons of antithetic flavors. The mint-chip is particularly delicious, with an assertive cooling mint flavor.


While almond beverage tin beryllium a tenable alternate to full beverage astatine the java shop, the deficiency of abdominous successful almond beverage is simply a downside successful the crystal pick department. Most of the almond-based options we tried tasted bladed and icy. There’s lone 1 we’d recommend.

  1. Ben and Jerry's Netflix & Chill'd
  2. Ben & Jerry’s Netflix & Chilll’d

    No 1 does loaded-with-almost-too-many-goodies crystal pick rather similar Ben & Jerry’s. The almond basal is creamy, and the chunky mix-ins are arsenic generous arsenic ever. There are respective exclusively dairy-free flavors on with immoderate dairy-free versions of the astir fashionable pints. We loved the dairy-free Netflix & Chilll’d. (And if you’re truthful moved by the name, bask your scoops curled up connected the sofa portion streaming an occurrence of Sex, Love & goop.)


As we said, making dairy-free crystal pick without the assistance of stabilizers, emulsifiers, oregon syrups is simply a superior challenge. These crystal creams person truthful fewer ingredients yet truthful overmuch going for them.

  1. Frozen Fruit Co. Chocolate

    Frozen Fruit Co. Chocolate

    Made with lone 3 ingredients: dates, coconut milk, and cocoa powder. It’s airy and astir refreshing—and conscionable sweet enough.

  2. The Coconut Cult Vanilla Bean Gelato

    The Coconut Cult
    Vanilla Bean Gelato

    The Coconut Cult has a…loyal following. It’s our go-to root for each things fermented coconut. We noticed the brand’s vanilla gelato astatine Erewhon precocious and were intrigued. The ingredients are lone coconut (in its assorted forms, similar coconut water, coconut cream, etc.), probiotics, Himalayan oversea salt, and vanilla. So elemental and shockingly good. There whitethorn beryllium a shortage astatine the clip you’re speechmaking this—if so, you tin cheque Coconut Cult’s Instagram for an update and delivery timing.

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